Introduction Last updated: 2020-11-04

Node.js + MySQL Restful CRUD Automation API

Create an unlimited table & your API is ready in seconds. No installation is required.

Installation Instructions


Setup server

Download and unzip the file from codecanyon.

First of all, make sure you have already installed Node.js on your machine. After that, do the following action.

  • Navigate inside the directory cd Server
  • Install all required packages npm install
  • Import database from the database folder
  • Set the sensitive information in .env file Environment setting here
  • Start server npm start
  • That's it
  • Now open http://localhost:8080

Video guide

Here is video for more clearification.

Environment Settings (Server Module)

path: .env

Here we specify secret credentials

DB_HOST=YOUR_DB_HOST //localhost






Directory Structure

Root Directory Structure

  • Codecanyon folder
    • Documentation
    • Postman Collection
    • Sample Database
    • Server

Server Directory Structure

  • Server
    • app
      • config
        • db.config.js
        • middleware
      • controllers
      • include
      • models
      • routes
        • auth.routes.js
        • crud.routes.js
      • .env.example
      • .gitignore
      • package.json
      • server.js


Node.js + MySQL Restful CRUD Automation API

Create an unlimited table & your APIs is ready in seconds. No installation is required.

Save 1000+ hrs of development time.

Run-on Multiple Platforms such as Linux, Windows, Mac, and Unix.

Key Features

  • Authentication Integrated
  • JWT Authentication
  • Create Operations
  • Read Operations
  • Update Operations
  • Delete Operations
  • Pagination
  • MySQL Validations
  • Postman collection to access the saved examples

App features

  • Simplified installation and configuration
  • Easy deployment to production server
  • Respond quickly to user actions
  • Load fast and provide an offline experience
  • Well, structured and clean code
  • Clean endpoints
  • Best performance
  • Build with MVC architecture
  • Handled errors carefully and explicitly
  • Carefully designed to fit in any project requirements
  • Easily Customizable if necessary
  • Easy to configure



Thanks again for purchasing this application. We are trying to add and improve new features regularly. Hopefully, you'll enjoy using the app. If you have any queries or suggestions, please contact us.

Best wishes Rarle Team